So you have the skills to bring people together across lines of difference, and you speak the language of religious pluralism. What now?

Whether you’re graduating soon or well along in your post-college life, the IFYC Alumni Network lets you stay connected to the interfaith movement and the people who are living it out every day across the country.

Every day, IFYC Alumni are involved in helping to build a better, more interconnected society by advocating for interfaith cooperation on the job and in their communities, mentoring young leaders, leading important projects, and helping to lead the wider interfaith movement.

When you join them, you’re joining a passionate community of local and national leaders and continuing a commitment to the goal of interfaith cooperation. Sign up today.

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Prerna Abbi

- Prerna Abbi / Alumni Relations Manager at IFYC read more read less
Prerna Abbi / Alumni Relations Manager at IFYC

Prerna Abbi is the Alumni Relations Manager at IFYC, a role she loves to gush about on Facebook. After earning her BA in International Relations and Political Science at Syracuse University, Prerna served as an AmeriCorps member with Habitat for Humanity, organizing faith communities and students around affordable housing. At IFYC, she manages many of the programs offered to Alumni and helps connect Alums to the resources they need to continue to grow as interfaith leaders. She spends her free time listening to sassy podcasts, trying her hand at all of the recipes and crafts she’s pinned, and documenting it all on Instagram. The things that get her most riled up are intersectionality, feminism, and LGBTQ issues, and she works hard to make sure all Alumni can be leaders at the crossroads of interfaith cooperation and their deepest interests. As an agnostic secular Hindu, Prerna is driven to make space for all worldviews in the interfaith movement. As a first generation queer woman of color, she works to bring in the voices and perspectives of those who don’t fit neatly into check boxes.

Andy Kirschner

- Andy Kirschner / Alumni Relations Director at IFYC read more read less
Andy Kirschner / Alumni Relations Director at IFYC

Andy Kirschner is the Alumni Relations Director at IFYC. He was inspired by IFYC’s vision to return to Chicago and utilize his career coaching and community organizing experience to engage with IFYC’s Alumni network of interfaith leaders. Prior to coming to IFYC, Andy was working part time at his own coaching business and part time at Jews United for Justice (JUFJ), organizing in metropolitan Washington, DC around social justice issues of local concern. It was at JUFJ that he experienced first-hand how working together with other religious and non-religious communities increases the possibilities for affecting positive change in society. Outside of work, he engages in cooperation of a different sort, raising his two young children with his wife and making time to visit his extended family living across the U.S. Besides his Jewish faith, three passions that have shaped how he approaches life are social entrepreneurship, improv comedy and long distance running. He has gone well beyond dabbling in each of these and frequently employs the knowledge, skills and discipline required to succeed at them to support the personal and professional development of all Alumni.