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IFYC’s Alumni Program is dedicated to empowering our members to continue their development as life-long interfaith leaders. Ready to take it to the next level? As a member, you could be eligible for partial or full scholarships from graduate schools and seminaries offering tuition discounts and waivers exclusively to IFYC Alumni.

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Scholarships and discounts offered: Full tuition scholarships.

For several decades the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC) has been working in the area of interfaith understanding and relations. This has included offering a rich menu of courses designed for students pursuing MA, MDiv, and PhD degrees, with assistance from our well-established Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice. LSTC enthusiastically welcomes applications from IFYC alumni, and the LSTC Admissions Office will be pleased to discuss these degree programs and the possibilities for financial aid with interested persons.

Because of these commitments, each year LSTC is happy to grant full-tuition scholarships to MA and MDiv students who want to come to Chicago and immerse themselves in interfaith studies and who meet LSTC’s eligibility criteria. In addition, LSTC’s Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice (CCME) offers generous stipends to students who want to serve in interfaith contexts during the course of their studies. The religiously diverse city of Chicago provides a wonderful context for engaging in interfaith studies, and LSTC students are deeply committed to social justice and social action.

For more information about Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, click here. 

Wesley Theological Seminary


Scholarships and discounts offered: 100% tuition scholarships and application fee waiver.

Seated in the nation's capital, centered in Christian faith, Wesley Theological Seminary prepares more than 700 students annually, representing more than 30 denominations, to become exemplary teachers, preachers, and leaders in the world today. The mission of Wesley is to equip Christians for leadership in the church and the world, to advance theological scholarship, and to model a prophetic voice in the public square. Wesley is a spiritual learning community and deeply invested in community engagement. WTS offers 4 degrees including Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, Master of Theological Studies, and Doctor of Ministry. In addition, Wesley offers a dual degree program with neighboring American University combining a Master of Theological Studies from Wesley and a Master of Arts degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution or International Development from American University. A member of the 12 school Washington Theological Consortium – which offers certificates: Muslim-Christian Studies, Ecumenism and Ecological Stewardship.

WTS is excited to welcome applications from IFYC’s alumni network. IFYC alumni who are admitted to WTS are eligible to receive a scholarship covering 100% of tuition, and receive priority status for additional scholarship consideration. IFYC Alumni are also eligible to receive an application fee waiver ($60) for applying to Wesley.

For more information about Wesley Theological Seminary, click here


Chicago Theological Seminary

Scholarships and discounts offered: One full tuition scholarship; guaranteed 50% tuition scholarship; application fee waiver.

Leaders for the next, leading social change. Chicago Theological Seminary understands the need for leaders with a vision of diversity that inspires conversation and collaboration rather than conflict, leaders who can both cultivate common ground and dignify difference, leaders who care to understand religious traditions other than their own. With our rich array of courses and degrees, CTS equips graduates to lead social change. Our Center for Jewish, Christian & Islamic Studies (JCIS) enriches the learning experience with coursework and co-curricular offerings. Our commitments to racial justice, sexual and gender justice, economic justice and environmental justice intersect with our interreligious commitments as we strive to live into a truly beloved community. Our students are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Atheist, Humanist, and Multifaith. We stand together committed to transformational work.

Chicago Theological Seminary welcome IFYC alumni to apply to our MA, MARL and MDiv degree programs. CTS offers one full tuition scholarship annually to an IFYC alum and a guaranteed 50% scholarship to all IFYC alumni admitted to a master’s degree program. CTS also offers an application fee waiver ($50) for IFYC alumni.

For more information about Chicago Theological Seminary, click here.

Union Theological Seminary

Scholarships offered: 50% tuition scholarships, priority status for full tuition scholarship, and application fee waiver

At Union Theological Seminary, we are committed to peace, justice, and the care of God’s creation through a new interreligious spirituality of radical openness and love.  IFYC alumni who become Union students will have a unique opportunity to enhance and extend their prior IFYC training and on-the-ground experience through groundbreaking coursework in our Interreligious Engagement field of study, comprising at least a dozen trailblazing courses such as “Interrogating ‘Religion’: A Theological Engagement with Theories of Religion.” Union’s deep dive into authentic interreligious dialogue also extends beyond the classroom.  We offer unique opportunities for community engagement and impact through extensive public programming in New York and Washington D.C., and grant access to internships and paid employment through such entities as our recently launched Islam, Social Justice, and Interreligious Engagement Program (ISJIE), a program that promotes academic and public education aimed at cultivating diverse Islamic responses to pressing social justice issues. 

Empowered by groundbreaking inquiry aligned with practical realism and a bias for action, Union is charting a radical new course for enduring social change. Our graduates make a difference wherever they serve, practicing their vocations with courage and perseverance, and speaking clearly and acting boldly on behalf of social justice in all of its forms. We invite IFYC alumni to join us at Union as we strive to reimagine the work of justice by compassionately engaging with a wide variety of faith traditions.

IFYC alumni who apply for and are admitted to either the Master of  Arts or Master of Divinity Program are eligible for the following, provided they commit to start the term following application:

  • Application fee waiver ($75)
  • Minimum 50% tuition scholarship if admitted to the Master of Arts or Master of Divinity programs, and priority status for full tuition scholarship consideration if application is made by priority application deadline. 
  • Watch this video of IFYC and Union Theological Seminary alum Anne Marie Roderick (M.Div. ’15) here.

Ready to take the next step?

To take advantage of these discounts and scholarships, you must be an IFYC alum and meet certain eligibility criteria. Please contact Jenan Mohajir (jenan@ifyc.org), IFYC's Senior Director of Leadership, for more information.

For more information about Union Theological Seminary, click here.

Hartford Seminary

Scholarships and discounts offered: 50% tuition scholarships and application fee waiver

For more than a century, Hartford Seminary (founded in 1834) has pioneered research, teaching, and publication on Islam and the relationship between Islam and Christianity. The non-denominational Seminary proudly established the nation’s first center for Islamic studies, and this dedication to interfaith engagement has evolved to include:

  • The first-of-its-kind Islamic Chaplaincy program 
  • A curriculum dedicated to the intersection of theologies and faith identities
  • A globally-recognized International Peacemaking Program and 
  • A multifaith faculty and student body (approximately 40% Christian, 40% Muslim, and 20% Jewish and “other”) 

Hartford Seminary has maintained a pivotal role in building bridges of mutual respect and cooperation among faith traditions through the promotion of peace, dialogue and learning. We seek students who are interested in serving their communities, deepening their own faiths, and who are dedicated to understanding the faiths of others.
As IFYC alumni, you know well the opportunities and challenges of living and studying in interfaith community and we welcome you to apply for a Master’s degree program. IFYC alumni admitted to a Master of Arts degree, and who intend to be full-time students, will receive a scholarship for 50% off the cost of tuition.  Scholarship renewal is based on maintaining good academic standing.  The $50 application fee is waived. 

Ready to take the next step?

To take advantage of these discounts and scholarships, you must be an IFYC alum and meet certain eligibility criteria.Please contact Jenan Mohajir (jenan@ifyc.org), IFYC's Senior Director of Leadership, for more information.

For more information about Hartford Seminary, click here.

Claremont Lincoln University

Scholarships and discounts offered: Two 50% scholarships, and 15% scholarships for all eligible graduate degree courses and non-credit programs.

Claremont Lincoln University (CLU) is an online graduate university that, like IFYC alumni, is working to bring people together, address perennial social problems, and ultimately change the world. Our innovative, online, academic platform allows students a learning experience that is as fluid and mobile as they are. Our online teaching models are convenient to students throughout the United States and abroad. Both accessible and affordable, CLU is unique in that:

  • We offer Masters of Arts degree programs in three targeted areas designed to help transform our world – Interfaith Action, Social Impact and Ethical Leadership.
  • Each of the three Masters degrees can be obtained in 15 months.
  • We work with global thought leaders and change-agents and our faculty represents various backgrounds and faiths from all over the world.

In addition to offering reduced tuition with a 15% discount for all eligible graduate degree courses and non-credit programs, CLU is offering two scholarships to IFYC alumni, CLU is pleased to offer two IFYC alumni 50% scholarship, exclusive of fees and books, valued at $11,550-12,600 depending on degree program. All admission requirements must be submitted for consideration. After meeting admission requirements, students must remain in good academic standing to continue receiving the scholarship.

For more information about Claremont Lincoln University, click here.

Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership

Scholarships and discounts offered: 50% off tuition for distance learning master's and Doctoral programs in Jewish Studies and 50% off tuition for MA in Jewish Professional Studies programs in Chicago and Milwaukee for IFYC alumni.

Spertus Institute is an accredited institution of higher Jewish education committed to addressing contemporary questions and issues through Jewish learning that is rigorous and grounded in research, applied, accessible, and non-denominational. Spertus offers masters and doctoral programs in Jewish Studies, Jewish Education, Jewish Professional Studies, a Certificate in Jewish Leadership (in cooperation with Northwestern University), as well as a range of professional and adult Jewish learning programs.

In all its work Spertus seeks to:

  • Invigorate contemporary life and communities through Jewish learning.
  • Engage contemporary and emerging questions and issues through serious academic Jewish lenses, utilizing the wisdom of Jewish thought and experiences.
  • Build adaptive capacity for a rapidly changing/accelerating world by empowering professionals, leaders, and learners to engage and make significant Jewish impact.
  • Increase global access to applied Jewish learning.

Spertus Institute welcomes IFYC alumni to apply to thier virtual master’s and doctoral programs in Jewish Studies with a 50% scholarship or to their MA in Jewish Professional Studies programs in Chicago and Milwaukee with a 50% scholarship. For more information on Spertus Institute, click here.

Graduate Theology Union


Scholarships and discounts offered: 50% tuition scholarship and application fee waiver.

An institution of higher learning unlike any other, the Graduate Theological Union brings together scholars to advance new knowledge, seek fresh insight, and collaborate on solutions. The GTU is a consortium of interdependent theological schools and centers committed to a partnership with one another. This includes schools and centers representing Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and other traditions, as well as interdisciplinary groups like the Center for the Arts & Religion, and the Center for Religion and the Natural Sciences. The GTU is also affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley.

Our home in the San Francisco Bay Area makes the GTU part of one of the world’s most diverse and innovative learning communities — the ideal laboratory in which to cultivate inclusivity and nurture fresh perspectives. Together through the GTU, scholars and leaders create and engage excellent scholarship that explores the distinctions and interconnections among religious traditions and illuminates the intersection of religion and world.

Students may choose from certificate, MA, and Ph.D. programs at the GTU in over thirty concentrations grouped into four interreligious and interdisciplinary departments. Our graduates go on to careers in academic tracks, nonprofit leadership, religious leadership in multiple traditions, professional speaking and writing careers, and more.

We welcome and encourage IFYC alumni to apply to our Master of Arts. IFYC alumni admitted as full-time students at the GTU or to a GTU center in a Master of Arts will receive a scholarship covering 50% of the cost of tuition for 2 years of study, when the IFYC students elects to affiliate with one of the GTU’s 5 centers for study or with a concentration in “Interreligious Studies.” Scholarship renewal is based on maintaining good academic standing. The application fee is waived.

For more information about the Graduate Theological Union, click here or contact admissions@gtu.edu.

United Theological Seminary


Scholarships and discounts offered: Up to two 50% tuition scholarships per year for IFYC alums or staff enrolling in any of United’s degree programs.

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities embraces all denominations and faith traditions. Since it was established in 1962, United has been on the cutting edge of progressive theological thought, training leaders who dismantle systems of oppression, explore multifaith spirituality, and push the boundaries of knowledge.

United offers four degrees: M.Div., M.A., M.A.L. (Master of Arts in Leadership), and D.Min. Students may choose from the following concentrations:

  • Interreligious Chaplaincy (M.Div., D.Min.)
  • Social Transformation (M.Div., M.A., M.A.L.)
  • Theology and the Arts (M.Div., M.A., M.A.L., D.Min.)
  • Spiritual Direction (M.Div.)
  • Religion and Theology (M.Div., M.A., D.Min.)
  • Biblical Studies (M.Div., M.A., M.A.L.)
  • Methodist Studies (M.Div.)
  • Presbyterian Studies (M.Div.)
  • UCC Studies (M.Div.)

Learn more about United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities