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Ps. 92-93: Sabbath Musical Prayers

Three musicians seated - one holding a tambourine, one holding a guitar, and one singing

Nava Tehila is a Jerusalem based Jewish renewal spiritual community, focused on creating musical and engaging prayer spaces where people feel comfortable to come as they are. The leaders of the musical ensemble are Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan, Daphna Rosenberg and Yoel Sykes. Together with many other musicians and God lovers, they explore new prayer modalities, compose new music for prayer, and train Jewish leaders, including rabbis, cantors, and students, in the art of musical and innovative prayer leadership. Prayers are egalitarian and inclusive. Nava Tehila welcomes people from diverse walks of life who want to pray, sing and seek ways to connect to the living God. Nava Tehila has produced three albums of music and offers a resource website that provides prayer leaders free access to sheet music and recordings of new material.

Ki Simachtani Psalm 92: כי שמחתני

Nava Tehila - Mikolot Mayim Rabim מקולות מים רבים - נאוה תהילה

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