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Use Assessment to Measure Progress Toward Pluralism 

As campuses increasingly prioritize interfaith cooperation in and out of the classroom, educators and other leaders are asking important questions about students’ progress toward those ends. Are students learning the knowledge and skills they need to understand and interact across religious diversity? To what degree are campus interfaith programs effective? Do students of diverse worldviews feel welcome, included, and supported on campus? 

IFYC believes in the importance of asking and answering these questions.  Our assessment resources help collegiate educators understand how to collect information to measure student learning, better understand success, and pinpoint opportunities to improve students’ experiences with religious diversity on campus.  Our resources also help you translate assessment findings into action on campus. 

Assessment Resources  

Whether you are new to assessing interfaith initiatives or just need to access specific assessment tools, IFYC can assist.  We offer a variety of free online assessment resources, linked below, that help you understand the importance of doing interfaith assessment work and provide practical tools for assessing your program outcomes and campus climate.   

Guiding Questions for Implementing Interfaith Assessment

Understand the importance of interfaith assessment by learning how interfaith assessment can translate into insights about students' learning and development and your campus climate.

Doing Effective Interfaith Assessment

Understand the steps for setting up and doing interfaith assessment practices along with the different types of interfaith assessment. This resource offers step-by-step guides, explores different assessment tools, and lists additional assessment resources