Written exclusively for students, these resources give any student leader or interfaith group a great start. The list below covers both the practical and conceptual by offering planning advice for mobilizing events and basic knowledge on thinking like an interfaith leader.

Interfaith Student Event Ideas

This overview of event ideas helps you choose the right interfaith event for your needs

Guide to Interfaith Friendly Events

An informative guide for how to plan an event that is welcoming to all

Podcast: What is Interfaith Literacy?

Hear IFYC Founder and President Eboo Patel talk about the fundamentals of interfaith cooperation and literacy

Planning a Talk Better Together Event

Talk Better Together gets people talking fast about their most important values; this guide gives you step-by-step suggestions on how to plan it

Hosting a Speedfaithing Event

Speedfaithing events share knowledge about different worldviews; use this guide to plan your own event