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Guiding Transformational Change

Across higher education, campus leaders are grappling with complex issues of religious and worldview diversity, inclusion, conflict, and cooperation.

IFYC offers  both capacity building sessions and longer-term consultations designed to guide and support institutions seeking to strengthen interfaith leadership on their campus and make interfaith cooperation a greater part of their institutional priorities. Depending on their needs, colleges and universities have asked us to lead capacity building sessions  for their staff, faculty, and student leaders, guide them through an interfaith strategic planning process, or help them develop a new interfaith initiative such as an interfaith course sequence.  All of our work with campus partners is rooted in the goal of sustainability. We play the long game, offering our partners an ongoing connection to IFYC’s campus programs, resources, and network of leaders across higher education. We remain deeply invested in every partner’s success long after a consulting engagement ends, and continually provide spaces and opportunities for committed administrators, staff, faculty, and students to broaden participation in and deepen commitment toward interfaith cooperation.

On-Campus Capacity Building Menu

1-2 Day Interfaith Student Leadership Training - $4-10k

IFYC staff will facilitate a series of activities for students designed to enhance their awareness of the importance of interfaith cooperation globally and on their campus and give them the skills to navigate issues related to religious identity and diversity constructively. Depending on the background of the students and their existing leadership roles on campus, the training might also focus on giving students the tools needed to organize interfaith events on campus.

1-2 Day Faculty and Staff Professional Development - $4-10k

IFYC staff will facilitate exercises for staff and faculty designed to enhance their understanding of key trends and promising practices in interfaith engagement in higher education, build their capacity to engage issues of religious identity and diversity on their campus, and explore opportunities to incorporate a focus on interfaith cooperation into their curricular or co-curricular work. The sessions can be tailored for a particular type of audience such as Residence Life staff or faculty teaching in pre-professional programs, for example.

"Teaching interfaith understanding” sessions help faculty consider religious diversity across the curriculum.  These sessions explore the concept of a field of interfaith studies, present examples of real-life courses successfully achieving interfaith learning outcomes, and explore possibilities for including such work within existing campus courses.

On-Campus Consultation Menu

Eboo Patel as an Interfaith Senior Fellow -$30,000 + in-person travel

The Interfaith Senior Fellowship is a yearlong commitment and appointment at your institution. Through this fellowship, Dr. Patel will focus on the wisdom of religion for bridging divides and creating inclusion, cooperation, and relationship. He will serve as a thought leader, guest lecturer, and keynote speaker for three-five strategic initiatives in partnership and coordination with your campus. These may include lecturing on the importance of engaging religious diversity in the workforce, roundtable discussions and/or workshops to equip presidents, vice presidents, and provosts with resources and research on national trends in interfaith engagement and religious demographics. For inquiries, please email Teri Simon, teri@ifyc.org.

2-Day Interfaith Strategic Planning Consultation - $10k

Over the course of two days, IFYC staff will work with a set of diverse stakeholders on campus to facilitate sessions that analyze the existing campus context with respect to interfaith cooperation, explore promising practices and national trends in interfaith engagement, identify existing strengths and opportunities for growth, and generate and prioritize concrete initiatives for advancing interfaith cooperation on campus.

Initiative-Specific Development Consultation - $4-20k

IFYC staff will facilitate a tailored planning process with key leaders that would result in an action plan for the launch of a specific interfaith initiative such as an Interfaith Fellows Program, an Interfaith Course Sequence, or an ongoing Faculty and Staff Professional Development Curriculum. The planning process would include developing learning outcomes, exploring promising practices and national trends in interfaith engagement, and drafting a program format and initial assessment plan. The consultation fee would depend upon the duration of the process and the scope of work.

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Learn more about how we help our partners succeed. Start the conversation with a member of our Campus Engagements team today. Email Megan Johnson, Campus Strategy Consultant, to get in touch about IFYC consultations. To learn more about inviting IFYC speakers to campus, visit our speakers page.