Alumni Program

Nearly 1,000 alumni are part of a growing movement of young leaders building interfaith cooperation around the country.

We set a big goal for ourselves at IFYC: to make religious pluralism a social norm within the course of a generation. We believe our alumni are the interfaith leaders who will make it happen. And we’re here to support them along the way.

The facts:

  • 96% of alumni in our network are applying their interfaith leadership skills in their personal and/or professional lives.
  • 93% of working alumni have found their interfaith experiences useful on the job.

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Alumni Blogs

I first met Sister Vernell Jones on a day when vibrant reds and yellows began to overtake the green leaves. My task that afternoon was to staff the booth for senior hunger initiatives at a health fair at a local Baptist Church.

“What do you care about?”

“What do you love?”

“What brings you joy?”

I was excited and nervous.


Alumni News

Bilal remembers an act of kindness which inspired the spirit of generosity in him.

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We’ve seen a lot of studies about more people identifying themselves as spiritual, but not religious, and that the number of the so-called “unchurched” are growing.

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We are creatures of expression living in an age of expression. We are deluged daily with information and opinion, with pundits and preachers proffering perspective. Many of us spend hours every day spreading philosophical truths and culinary creations on social media.

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