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A successful course on interfaith themes can often lead to interest in both expanding (creating new course offerings or building larger programs) and deepening (asking course material to go into more depth on topics of religious diversity and pluralism). These resources highlight best practices for those that want to strengthen their academic interfaith work.

Curricular Programs in Interfaith Studies

View campus examples of how interfaith studies can be integrated into the curriculum

Bibliography for Interfaith Studies

A comprehensive bibliography of texts related to religious pluralism, interfaith cooperation, and religion in American life

Student Learning Outcomes for Interfaith Studies

A guide for developing learning outcomes related to interfaith studies

Experiential/Engaged Learning in Interfaith Studies

The examples here highlight innovative ways to integrate experiential and engaged learning experiences in your interfaith studies courses

Interfaith Studies in Healthcare Courses

A showcase of healthcare-related courses that integrate interfaith themes

Interfaith Studies in Business Courses

A showcase of business courses that integrate interfaith themes