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For students with a background in interfaith cooperation, these tools help expand on your existing skillset. Student leaders are shaping their student groups and responding to controversies involving religion on campus and these tools offer insights and examples helpful to those issues.

Interfaith Literacy Guide

Interfaith literacy helps form bonds and promote pluralism, and this tool for students offers a chance to develop your own interfaith literacy abilities

Facilitation Skills for Students

Offering different approaches for different situations, this guide gives students the skills they need to facilitate bridge-building dialogues

Building Your Interfaith Group

A tool for students that helps them match the form of their interfaith group to the goals they hope to accomplish

Responding to Hateful Incidents on Campus

When a hate incident involving religion happens on your campus, this resource provides advice on how to respond

Interfaith Leadership in Times of Crisis

This toolkit offers guidance for responding to campus controversies in ways that advance pluralism