Hundreds of individuals, foundations, and faith communities representing the rich diversity of America’s religious and non-religious traditions support us and the student interfaith leaders we inspire and train.

Thanks to these generous investments, we are able to partner with hundreds of college and university campuses to positively engage religious diversity, shift the public narrative on religion from division to pluralism, and empower students nationwide to build the movement for interfaith cooperation and become life-long interfaith leaders.

IFYC deeply appreciates the partnership of the many individuals, foundations, and other supporters that make all of this work possible. We are grateful for your support.

Carole Browe Segal

Carole is known for co-founding Crate & Barrel. What is less known is her leadership in advancing interreligious understanding …

S.A. and Winston Ibrahim

This father and son pair sits on our Board. Their commitment to interfaith understanding stems from their experiences in the aftermath of 9/11 …

Amber Hacker

Amber manages our alumni program, where she is inspired on a daily basis by the hundreds of alumni leaders ...