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Strategic Planning Grants

A campus-wide strategy for interfaith cooperation is critical for the success and sustainability of interfaith efforts on any campus.

IFYC is offering Interfaith Strategic Planning Grants in the amount of $3,000 to support a select set of campuses as they design a campus-wide strategic plan for interfaith cooperation during the 2020-21 academic year rooted in findings from their IDEALS data.

IDEALS participant campuses are eligible to apply for funds to support a comprehensive interfaith strategic planning process. Grant recipients will convene a group of stakeholders from across campus who will meet regularly throughout the academic year to design an interfaith strategic plan. Grant recipients will receive funds, additional IDEALS data synthesis and exploration, a two-day workshop on campus facilitated by IFYC staff, and customized IFYC staff support.  


Interfaith Strategic Planning Grant applications are open from January 15, 2020 and applications are due March 23, 2020.  Only IDEALS participant campuses are eligible to apply for an Interfaith Strategic Planning Grant. Grants will be awarded in April 2020 and grant funds must be spent between August 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Please review the Request for Proposals below before applying.

The Campus Interfaith Inventory (CII) is required for all institutions applying for an Interfaith Strategic Planning Grant. Please ensure you have completed the CII before applying. You will need to request your campus’s unique Campus Interfaith Inventory link. If you have questions about the Campus interfaith inventory, please contact Rob LeLaurin, robert@ifyc.org.  

If you have questions about the Interfaith Strategic Planning Grant application process, or would like to discuss your application, please contact Megan Johnson, megan@ifyc.org.