Our Movement. Our Stories. Our Leaders

This movement is growing on college campuses. Watch the inspiring stories of interfaith leaders across the country.

This movement is growing on college campuses nationwide, and our interfaith leaders are on the front lines. Watch their inspiring stories.
  • Ismail Pathan

    Ismail helped organize an event that brought out 30,000 students, bridging Syracuse and Georgetown’s rivalry.

  • Karla Mendez

    Karla is educating students at Westminster College about religious diversity and civic engagement.

  • Chris Stedman

    Chris’ work has taken him around the world, highlighting the intersection of the interfaith and atheist movements.

  • Aubrey Rose

    A Google search launched Aubrey into interfaith leadership in high school.

  • Greg Damhorst

    Greg is an evangelical Christian committed to advancing interfaith cooperation in the media and his community.

  • Moustafa Moustafa

    Moustafa’s enterprising work launched a global health initiative at the University of Michigan.