Our Movement. Our Stories. Our Leaders

This movement is growing on college campuses. Watch the inspiring stories of interfaith leaders across the country.
  • Ismail Pathan

    Ismail helped organize an event that brought out 30,000 students, bridging Syracuse and Georgetown’s rivalry.

  • Karla Mendez

    Karla is educating students at Westminster College about religious diversity and civic engagement.

  • Chris Stedman

    Chris’ work has taken him around the world, highlighting the intersection of the interfaith and atheist movements.

  • Aubrey Rose

    A Google search launched Aubrey into interfaith leadership in high school.

  • Greg Damhorst

    Greg is an evangelical Christian committed to advancing interfaith cooperation in the media and his community.

  • Moustafa Moustafa

    Moustafa’s enterprising work launched a global health initiative at the University of Michigan.