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College Students Defying Division

You’re part of the most religiously diverse generation our country has ever seen, but that diversity isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing — it’s just a fact. It’s what you do about it that matters.

Differences of faith, philosophy, and belief have the potential to push society apart — or they can bring people together around our most important challenges.

That’s interfaith cooperation. With the right skills, you can make it happen.

Across more than 450 campuses IFYC helps rising leaders learn to engage difference positively, lead fearlessly, and connect to thousands of peers who share a vision for a diverse yet indivisible future. By joining the IFYC student network, you’ll gain new online and in-person opportunities for learning, leading, and connecting.

Join the Student Network


Equip yourself with the core skills to navigate worldview difference through trainings and learning opportunities including online resources, and info about our Interfaith Leadership Institute, regional gatherings, and online leadership cohorts.


Create impact on campus and beyond with financial support from our Campus Action Fund, and real world experience organizing on Better Together Day, training others through our Coach Program, and writing for our online magazine, INTER.


Join a national network of passionate people who are making interfaith cooperation part of their lives. Connect to peers in our online community, get 1:1 or group advising from IFYC staff, and gain access to IFYC's growing alumni network.

In our diverse society, you will encounter difference everywhere. Positively navigating these differences requires interfaith leaders: people with the vision, knowledge, and skills to build cooperation and understanding between people of diverse worldviews. Interfaith leaders help people work together based on their shared values, addressing important issues and creating lasting connections between people. In a fractured society, interfaith leaders are more important and in-demand than ever.

Whether you’re religious or not, see yourself as a leader or not, you have a role to play in this student-led movement. You bring the passion, and we’ll give you the opportunities and support to make a difference. Our programs and projects let you build your interfaith leadership based on what’s most important to you.

Religion is complicated. We can’t promise this is easy, but we can promise that it will make a difference — for you, your future, and the future of the society you want to live in.

Join us and help fulfill the promise of a nation diverse, a nation indivisible.