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Help Tear Down Barriers and Build Connections

Every day, young leaders are changing the ways that the people around them get along and live together. It happens in big ways and small, suddenly and slowly, on campus and off. That’s the essence of this movement. Everyone has a role to play, and interfaith leadership comes in many forms.

IFYC is committed to helping you engage people and communities who orient around religion differently with respect, shared values, and a commitment to cooperation. Whether you’re totally new to this or a seasoned interfaith leader, we provide the opportunities and support to help you put your passion into action.

Explore Leadership Opportunities and Make Your Next Move

Campus Action Fund

Have an idea for promoting interfaith cooperation on your campus? See if IFYC can provide funds to help you get your breakthrough projects and events off the ground.

Organize a Regional Interfaith Leadership Gathering

Bring interfaith cooperation to your area and equip your community to advance this movement by organizing an IFYC-supported training event on your campus. We provide funding and other support to help you make it happen.

Apply for the Coach Program

Join a group of top-notch student leaders who help train other students through our Interfaith Leadership Institute, Regional Leadership Gatherings, and online leadership cohorts.

Keep Exploring


Knowledge is a foundation for every good interfaith leader. Build your literacy and learn how religious diversity shapes the world around you with IFYC’s learning opportunities and online resources.


Join a national network of rising interfaith leaders working to make society better by reducing division.

IFYC Alumni

Interfaith leadership is a lifelong skill and that means it doesn’t end with graduation. Check out our Alumni Network and see how it can support you in your professional and personal life.

Still looking?

Not finding what you’re looking for? Search this site for more information and ways to get involved, or email us at students@ifyc.org.