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Take the Campus Interfaith Inventory

The Campus Interfaith Inventory is a new project from IFYC designed to help institutions chart a clearer course for their interfaith and religious diversity work. Filling a knowledge gap at the national level, the Inventory will paint a picture of what best practices are, pinpoint the campuses that are pioneering them, and track how trends change over time. Learn more about the many benefits of participating and how to get started.

Curriculum for Blended and Online Learning

We partnered with Dominican University to produce a free eight-lesson curriculum exploring the fundamentals of Interfaith Leadership. Each lesson is comprised of three to five modules which include short videos, discussion guides, supplemental readings, and other classroom tools. Our in-house Manager of Curriculum Development is available to help professors navigate the technology and content.

Energizing Interfaith Cooperation

As our country wrestles with division and religious intolerance, institutions of higher education are doing crucial work to advance interfaith cooperation. IFYC is launching a year-long project to give campus leaders a boost of energy through enhanced programs, scholarships, and other funding and resources. Learn more today.