About Better Together

Better Together is a national movement of students that are bringing together people of different religious and non-religious backgrounds to work toward a common goal. It's a network for students, by students - a place where you can come together and work to make interfaith cooperation a priority on your campus.

Meet the Movement

It basically boils down to this: you can do interfaith work on your campus alone, or you can do it with the help and support of other students who share your passion for pluralism. Better Together is IFYC's way of making a space for you to work with other people on your campus and across the country .

Want to join the network? Here's what you need to do:

  • Lead and empower your campus to make interfaith cooperation a priority
  • Designate one responsive student to serve as your Better Together Ambassador - learn more about this role on our FAQ page

Here's what you'll get from us in return:

  • A big ILI discount. Why pay full price when you can pay 30% less? Learn more about the ILI here.
  • Eligibility to win awards and cash prizes
  • Opportunity to be an IFYC Coach or member of the National Organizing Team
  • The chance to shape the direction of the only national network of student interfaith leadership
  • We'll put your school on the interfaith map below!

Better Together Awards Winners

Check out these profiles from the campuses that won Better Together Awards this year.

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