So you have the skills to bring people together across lines of difference, and you speak the language of religious pluralism. What now?

Whether you’re graduating soon or well along in your post-college life, the IFYC Alumni Network lets you stay connected to the interfaith movement and the people who are living it out every day across the country.

Every day, IFYC Alumni are involved in helping to build a better, more interconnected society by advocating for interfaith cooperation on the job and in their communities, mentoring young leaders, leading important projects, and helping to lead the wider interfaith movement.

When you join them, you’re joining a passionate community of local and national leaders and continuing a commitment to the goal of interfaith cooperation. Sign up today.

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Prerna Abbi-Scanlon

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Prerna Abbi-Scanlon / Alumni Relations Manager

Prerna Abbi-Scanlon, Alumni Relations Manager, works with college graduates who have completed an IFYC program. After earning her BA at Syracuse University, she served two terms as an AmeriCorps member with Habitat for Humanity, organizing faith communities and students around affordable housing. Now Prerna supports the work of IFYC Alumni to grow interfaith cooperation in their personal and professional endeavors. She enjoys podcasts, cooking with her spouse, and watching too many hours of tv in one sitting. Through her work with Alt*Div, a liberatory learning program, Prerna is exploring the physical impact of appropriation, exotification, and lack of representation, and what it means to reclaim Hindu practices for herself. As a first generation queer woman of color, she is driven to make space for all identities, especially those that don’t fit neatly into check boxes.

andy kirschner

Andy Kirschner

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Andy Kirschner / Director of Alumni Relations

Andy Kirschner, Director of Alumni Relations, oversees strategy for engaging alumni of IFYC programs and supporting them as interfaith leaders in their careers. He brings years of experience helping individuals change the world through coaching, community organizing and social entrepreneurship. Andy is responsible for making sure the Alumni Network has access to a variety of leadership and professional development opportunities by building partnerships with graduate schools and providing direct support through IFYC Alumni programs. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling with family to new destinations and long runs through the diverse Chicago neighborhoods. After years of involvement in the Jewish community, Andy feels called to interfaith leadership as a way to lift up his religious and civic values as a Jewish American.