Ps. 126: A Musical Interpretation

Described as "somewhere between a comforting whisper and a cogent declaration" by The New York Times, vocalist, composer, and Brontosaurus Records CEO, Lauren Henderson uncovers the layers of her diverse background through music.  Her musical interpretations and compositions paint stories reflecting journeys imposed through the African Diaspora in connection to Henderson's Panamanian, Montserratian, and vast Caribbean roots as they interplay with her North American upbringing. Read Lauren Henderson's complete biography here.

Carlos Salvatori is a young graphic designer from Puebla, Mexico with a passion for Illustration. Among other things, he loves Type Design and Animation.

Originally from Los Angeles, Isaac Wilson is a pianist, keyboardist and composer living in Brooklyn. He performs internationally and released his album “Dis-Connect” in 2018.


Psalm 126

After reading Psalm 126, we were struck with feelings of hope and optimism.  As the world navigates inequality, injustice, global health, and economic crises, Psalm 126 provides us with a glimpse into the celebratory moments that will enrich the world when we overcome these pandemics and are reunited with our loved ones.  

With strong references to freedom after Babylonian captivity and the immense power of redemption, compassion, and gratitude, hope for brighter days shine through this psalm.  This portrayal of the Israelites aids us in being sanguine about our future leaders and society as we work towards better days for all people.  

Lauren Henderson

Isaac Wilson

Carlos Salvatori



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