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Ps. 150: A Song for Combined Choirs

Debbie Perlman (of blessed memory) was the Resident Psalmist at Beth Emet Synagogue in Evanston, Illinois and the author of Flames to Heaven: New Psalms for Healing & Praise. Originally trained as an occupational therapist, her struggles with cancer led her to this unusual career choice.


Debbie Perlman, Flames to Heaven


Together we sing Hallelujah.


With many voices singing, we come before You,

Joined in multilayered harmonies;

Ancient chants and recent cords,

Build a tower of ascending melody.


How can we praise God in one voice?

How can we sing Your song with varied timbre?


Listen, O Eternal, to the chords that grow;

Listen, as Your tone within us in altered

By the songs of our days,

Is varied by the cadence of our lives.


Yet it sounds out,

Pure as You have placed it within our throats,

Glowing as moonlight

Through the atmosphere of the city,

Rising, shaded and changed, to fill the ear

With the melody of the Holy One.


Together we sing Halleljujah.


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