Ps. 6: A Millennial Interpretation

Dr. Brielle Paige Rassler is a therapist, spiritual artist, and ALEPH Rabbinic/Hashpa’ah student from Weston, FL. She is currently the coordinator and lead therapist of the Penn Medicine PMC Grief Counseling Program. Brielle has released two albums of original music, with prayer-songs that have been shared at holiday and Shabbat services across the country. She is currently working on an interpretive translation of the Book of Psalms. Learn more at


For endurance through all melodies

I sing this song for my Beloved

Please, my G-d

Let my self-judgement not be coded as Your anger

Let my pain not be coded as Your rage

Be gracious with me, my G-d

I am so sad

Heal me, my G-d

My bones are shaking in fear

My soul is so scared

So very scared

I know You are still G-d

But still, G-d

How much longer must I endure?

Return to me, my G-d

Release my soul

Save me for the sake of all things Loving and Kind

Because I cannot remember You if I am dead

I cannot thank You from my grave

I am so over this, my G-d

Swimming in tears night after night

Melting my bed

And leaving me no place to rest

And I know my anger only makes things worse

My eyes tell the stories of the narrowness they have endured

Go away, oh forces of evil!

Because G-d has heard my cry

Thank You G-d

You heard my plea

And carried me on my prayer

Thank You G-d

Now my Oy’s can bear the burden of terror

In an instant

They are banished

In an instant

The melody of serenity returns


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