Campus Assessment Initiatives

Learn about tools, partnership opportunities, and useful publications

As higher education increasingly prioritizes interfaith cooperation, campus leaders should seek to understand the effect of interfaith initiatives and opportunities to improve program impact.

IFYC supports campuses in this important knowledge gathering. Our goal is to help colleges and universities gather the information they need to improve effectiveness of on-campus interfaith initiatives. 

We support campus assessement in the following ways:

  • Tools to Measure Interfaith. In partnership with higher education scholars Alyssa Rockenbach and Matt Mayhew, we administer two campus-wide survey instruments, the Campus Religious and Spiritual Climate Survey (CRSCS) and the Interfaith Diversity Experiences & Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS). These surveys help campuses understand student perceptions of religious and spiritual campus climate and the impact of campus experiences on a range of interfaith outcomes. 
  • Assessment Partnerships. We partner with institutions to create campus-specific assessment practices that can enhance interfaith programming.
  • Resources, Reports, and Literature. We curate a resource bank containing useful information about campus interfaith climate, including scholarly literature, reports, and infographics.