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Better Together Day 2016 has passed, but it's happening again in 2017! Mark your calendar for April 6, 2017 to once again show the world why interfaith matters. 

In the meantime, explore below for event ideas, templates, and resources to keep your organizing fresh.

Thanks to the more than 5,000 people who participated in Better Together Day 2016, we unlocked a $10,000 gift to the International Rescue Committee to support their work with refugees from Syria and other conflict zones.





Participants So Far

Want More Ways to Get Involved?

There are lots of ways to spark new interfaith connections all year. Check these out! 

Better Together Day 2016 is over, but what's next?

Learn more about what exactly interfaith literacy is

Check out some popular campus event ideas and organizing templates

No time to plan an event? Get ideas for how you can participate with little to no prep work involved

Learn how your submission will help us give $10K to support refugees

Get advice for how to digitally engage your campus

Use our downloadable interfaith hero flyers to educate your campus

Plan the most effective tabling event using these handy tips

Why Is This Important?

Watch the video below to understand why we need to learn more about each others' values:

Got Questions?

  • What exactly do you want me to do?

    We want you to share something, then learn something. Specifically, tell us about a value you hold that promotes interfaith cooperation or inspires you to do good in the world. Then, learn about someone else's values and worldviews!

  • What else can I do?

    Have a conversation with someone of a different religious or non-religious background. Go on a site visit to a local religious site. Or simply visit our submission wall to see what others have to say.

  • What does it mean to participate?

    It means you can submit your value above, plan to attend an event, or join our conversation on social media by attending our TweetChats or adding our Twibbon filter to your Facebook photo. There are lots of ways to participate and they'll all count toward the 5,000 person goal to support the IRC.

Get Involved in the Interfaith Movement

We’re Interfaith Youth Core and we believe that our different faiths and philosophies can unite us around the common good. Conflict, hunger, homelessness, human rights, climate change and more...young people are the ones that are going to tackle these problems. How are we going to succeed if we can’t work with others who orient around religion differently? Our mission is to make interfaith cooperation a social norm by helping young leaders bridge divides and work for good, not in spite of their differences, but because of the values they share.

Achieving our mission won't happen in just one day. The year-round, student-led Better Together network is one way young people in this movement are making it happen. Students who are a part of the Better Together network organize their peers from different religious and non-religious backgrounds to take action on key social issues in their communities such as literacy, hunger, and homelessness. You can join them today. Go to to learn how!


Follow IFYC and Better Together on your social channels. Keep up to date on what's happening with the Better Together campaign and get more exciting news from across the interfaith movement.
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