Build Pluralism on Campus

Student affairs professionals, religious life professionals, and other campus staff are critical to fostering religious pluralism on campus. In addition to their support of students’ development and well-being, these educators play an integral role in driving complex conversations around identity, diversity, and social justice on campus. As campuses become more religiously diverse, opportunity for both conflict and cooperation abound. Taking on issues of religion can be a daunting challenge in the college setting. 

That’s why we’re here. Interfaith Youth Core is dedicated to networking, training, and resourcing staff to increase religious literacy, develop programming to engage religious diversity, build religious pluralism , and grow staff members’ capacity to address conflict on campus. Our on-campus trainings and growing suite of digital trainings and resources provide the knowledge base and skill set to build religious pluralism into your work. IFYC works collaboratively with our campus partners and actively invites educators to co-write, train, and present in partnership with our staff. 


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