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Please see available positions at IFYC below. If you don't see an opening that fits your skillet, please follow us on LinkedIn for future opportunities.


We are nothing without our people. IFYC strives to be a generous and supportive employer. We offer the following benefits for full time positions:

  • Compensation: We offer competitive base salaries and tiered annual merit-based increases.
  • Health Care Benefits: IFYC pays 100% of the cost to add staff to our medical, dental and vision plans. Staff who wish to add their dependents to the plans contribute only to the cost of their dependents.
  • Protection for You and Your Family: IFYC pays 100% of the cost of a $50,000 life insurance plan along with 100% of the cost for short-term and long-term disability plans.
  • Work/Life Balance: We have work ethics that align with the significance of our goals - but we aren’t workaholics. We do what it takes to get the job done, while respecting the need for work/life balance overall for ourselves and each other. IFYC has a flexible schedule and flexible location policy along with a generous time off policy.
    • 15 days paid time off, which increase along with your tenure with the organization
    • 5 days of floating holidays to use on days that are important to you
    • 8.5 days fixed holidays when the office closes
    • 10 days of sick leave to use for your own illness or injury or that of your family members
    • 4 hours per month of creativity leave, service leave or religious literacy leave. Time to get inspired, volunteer or learn more about other religions.
    • 4 weeks paid leave for birth and adoption and for moms and dads
  • Save for Retirement: IFYC contributes to your retirement account even if you don’t contribute! If you do, IFYC will match a percentage of your contribution.
  • Continuous Learning: IFYC sets aside $400 per person per fiscal year for you to use towards your own professional development. IFYC also hosts an optional Career Development Day for IFYC staff to explore topics on their own career development at IFYC and beyond.

IFYC Core Values

At IFYC our organizational values are really important to us. You’ll see them reflected throughout our office space and hear them referenced in your daily conversations. To learn more, check out our values here.

We are serious about our mission

  • We learn and demonstrate a mastery of IFYC methodologies, terms, and frameworks in our work and interactions.
  • We use our mission to guide decisions about our work.

We engage diversity in pursuit of pluralism

  • We recognize and deliberately seek to engage communities who are not already involved in the
  • work of pluralism, and we modulate our framing and language to involve them. We actively seek out individuals and communities who may be open to the interfaith conversation because of the divisiveness of our current times, even when it may make us personally uncomfortable.

We achieve as a team

  • We fulfill our individual responsibilities at a high level of excellence and contribute to projects that have shared outcomes. We follow through on our commitments, both formal and informal, and assume personal responsibility for results.

We steward relationships and resources with conviction

  • We demonstrate exceptional interpersonal abilities and project peer quality (e.g. we are seen and treated as a peer by important partners at other organizations and institutions).
  • We prioritize being “good to work with” which, at times, means we need to carry more responsibilities and demonstrate our ability to execute with excellence.

We are all interfaith leaders

  • We model the traits that we teach others by exhibiting the vision, knowledgebase, skillset, and qualities of an interfaith leader.

We pursue excellence with grit, grace, energy…and we have fun doing it!

  • We constantly push ourselves to higher levels of performance, and ask ’how can I better contribute to meeting organizational goals?’ – even when that goes beyond stated expectations. Our first priority is to fulfill our greatest value to the organization.
  • We are adaptable to change. We absorb new projects and opportunities that arise by maintain strong project management and proactive planning skills.