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Teaching Interfaith Understanding

Browse the library to download syllabi, teaching tactics, classroom activities, and other resources developed by faculty for use in the classroom.

Interfaith Passport Assignment

A resource for interfaith-based experiential learning

Interfaith Hope Meditation / (In)Justice Watch Assignment

A resource for reflecting on interfaith interactions

Faith in Dialogue: Interfaith Leadership Syllabus

This syllabus explores central concepts of interfaith leadership

Being Responsibly Engaged in the World (B.R.E.W.) Interview Assignment

A resource for interviewing religiously diverse neighbors

Biblical Interpretation in a World of Religious Diversity Syllabus

This syllabus explores the Bible amidst and religious diversity

World Religions Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)

Interfaith topics studied within a World Religions course

Spiritual Autobiography Assignment

A resource for interfaith-based storytelling

Introduction to Christianity Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)

Interfaith topics studied within an introductory religion course

Interfaith Site Visit and Book Read Assignment

Provide interfaith interactions through site visits

Jesus Christ and Interreligious Dialogue Syllabus

This syllabus studies Jesus in the context of other traditions

Interfaith Service Learning Assignment

A resource for interfaith-based community service

Interfaith Case Study Evaluation Assignment

Case study methodology used to explore interfaith topics

Sons and Daughters of Abraham, Hagar, and Sarah Syllabus

Interfaith themes in a course about the Abrahamic traditions

Reel-World Religions Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)

Explore interfaith interaction through the medium of film

Interfaith Studies Syllabus

This course focuses directly on interfaith knowledge and skills