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Guiding Transformational Change

Across higher education, campus leaders are grappling with complex issues of religious and worldview diversity, inclusion, conflict, and cooperation. The questions are many, but clear solutions are often elusive.

IFYC offers consultative engagements to guide and support institutions seeking to address these issues and make interfaith cooperation a greater part of their diversity strategy and broad institutional priorities. Colleges and universities have partnered with us to explore new strategies and introduce new initiatives as well as reinvigorate longstanding religious diversity efforts. These successful engagements have formed an approach to partnering with campuses that emphasizes three things:

  • Every institution is a unique environment, with its own distinct climate, concerns, and values. Our consultations start here, bringing what’s happening on your campus today into conversation with your goals for the future and a set of key leadership practices that we’ve identified as high impact drivers of transformational change. Using a mix of specialized assessment tools and a thorough process for gathering input and insights from stakeholders, we bring an accurate picture of your campus climate into focus before advising on strategy.
  • Capacity and sustainability are key, and we tailor consultations to focus on leveraging unique strengths and assets present on each campus, while putting these into conversation with areas of concern. Our approach puts a high priority on building capacity, and creating lasting high-impact systems. With this as a basis, we help craft strategic plans; draw connections between your campus mission and interfaith cooperation; set goals and learning outcomes; and craft strategies and programs, curricular and co-curricular, to help you achieve them. Where it becomes clear that greater capacity is needed to achieve your goals, we offer a wide range of trainings to equip faculty and administrators with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently engage religious and worldview diversity among the student body.
  • We play the long game, offering our partners an ongoing connection to IFYC’s campus programs, resources, and network of leaders across higher education. We remain deeply invested in every partner’s success long after a consulting engagement ends, and continually provide spaces and opportunities for committed administrators, staff, faculty, and students to broaden participation in and deepen commitment toward interfaith cooperation.

Colleges and universities have long helped set the course for our country’s future. In and out of the classroom, institutions like yours provide the environment for conversations and experiences that shape students’ orientation toward the diversity around them and thus the future of our democracy. As you work to cast a vision for making interfaith cooperation a part of the campus experience, we hope you’ll use us as a partner and a resource to help make it happen.

Learn more about how we help our partners succeed. Start the conversation with a member of our Campus Engagements team today. Email Megan Johnson, Senior Director of Campus Engagement, to get in touch about IFYC consultations. To learn more about inviting IFYC speakers to campus, visit our speakers page.

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