Alumni Program

Nearly 1,000 alumni are part of a growing movement of young leaders building interfaith cooperation around the country.

We set a big goal for ourselves at IFYC: to make religious pluralism a social norm within the course of a generation. We believe our alumni are the interfaith leaders who will make it happen. And we’re here to support them along the way.

The facts:

  • 96% of alumni in our network are applying their interfaith leadership skills in their personal and/or professional lives.
  • 93% of working alumni have found their interfaith experiences useful on the job.

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Alumni Blogs

I find myself seated next to the Mormon panelist, who immediately asks me where I am from. I rarely know how to answer such a question; I always want to say Chicago, because Chicago is a place that is in my bones as much as my birth city is in my blood and on my skin.

This past month, an estimated 10,000 people of different religious, spiritual, and secular traditions gathered to participate in the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

There’s an activity that I do with the young people and teachers I work with called “Oops and Ouch”. The goal of this activity is to think about all the ways you would respond to offensive incidents. What would you do if you were a bystander in these situations?


Alumni News

Faiths Act Fellow Danny Richmond was featured in The Canadian Jewish News’ Cover Story on the 24 Jews who are changing the world. 

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Rev. Jen Bailey (former IFYC staff, Vanderbilt Divinity School) was invited to give the benediction at the Selma March Commemorative Church Service.


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Alumni Chris Stedman weighs in at Religious News Service on #JeSuisCharlie and why you don’t have to support Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons to support free expression. 

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IFYC alumni Rev. Jennifer Bailey named on of 2015's faith leaders to watch by Center for American Progress. 

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Reflections on the Faiths Act Fellowship, a defining professional and personal experience. 

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Bilal remembers an act of kindness which inspired the spirit of generosity in him.

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