New Opportunities for College & University Campuses Responding to Deep Division

IFYC is launching a year-long project to support America’s interfaith leaders through enhanced programs and an infusion of funding and resources.

In November, the U.S. presidential election capped a wave of incivility, giving way to rising tides of social division and outrageous acts of bigotry. In its wake, the positive engagement of American religious diversity is more complicated, and more vital, than ever before. In recent months, unprecedented numbers of students, alumni, and educators across the country have reached out to IFYC seeking guidance and resources to support their interfaith work. We hear you and we are punching up our programs to help you succeed.

With generous support from our funder partners, IFYC is expanding access to key opportunities and providing grants to help interfaith leaders bring their ideas to life. If you are working to make religious diversity a unifying force in the face of division, we want to hear from you.

Whether you’re a student who needs a scholarship to make it to an interfaith leadership training, a faculty member trying to engage these ideas in the classroom, or an administrator with a visionary idea for your campus, we’re committed to helping you make it reality.

For Students & Their Campus Allies:

For Campus Administrators:

  • Apply for Innovation Grants for campus leaders seeking to advance new strategies and best practices at their institutions. These grants are open to campus staff, administrators, and faculty, as well as students who are partnering with campus officials. Explore the grants
  • Host an IFYC-supported Interfaith Leadership Lab on your campus to convene and train students and allies in your region. Explore the labs

For Faculty Members:

  • Apply for Curriculum Development Grants to support the evolution of courses that engage the academic field of Interfaith and Interreligious Studies. Explore the grants.  
  • Explore IFYC and Dominican University’s blended learning course on Interfaith Leadership, a video-based curriculum designed to help students build the skills and knowledge necessary to engage the religious diversity surrounding them. Explore the course

For IFYC Alumni:

  • If you are an IFYC Alum interested in gathering with other Alumni in your city or region, IFYC will help you find other Alumni and cover the cost of food and related expenses. During this challenging American moment, we want to encourage Alumni to come together as their own best resources for support and companionship as interfaith leaders.  Email Molly Abbattista  on the IFYC Alumni Team for more information, to sign up as a host or see if there is a gathering already happening near you.

IFYC is advancing this project because we recognize the campus interfaith movement’s power to shape a diverse yet indivisible American society. For over fifteen years we have witnessed the transformative work that interfaith leaders can do when they have the energy made possible by training and resources. We hope that these opportunities will help give you the energy you need to keep advancing crucial interfaith work on campus and beyond.

We’ll be posting new opportunities here through the year, so keep watching this space and follow IFYC on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates. Questions or comments? Email