Partnering with Your Campus

IFYC offers on-campus engagements to support colleges and universities as they seek to elevate and highlight interfaith cooperation as a campus-wide priority.

Engagement consultations help campuses build environments that support interfaith cooperation, equip campus leaders, cast vision, and set strategic goals.  Guiding our work are key leadership practices, which we believe have the highest potential impact for transformational change.

Whether your campus is just beginning to consider interfaith cooperation as a priority or already has an interfaith strategy in place, IFYC can offer an external perspective that will help advance your efforts.  We primarily provide value to our campus partners in the following ways: 

  • IFYC is a catalyst: We use an asset based approach to identify internal resources that will help campus leaders build and sustain interfaith cooperation
  • IFYC is a convener:  We create spaces for committed administrators, staff, faculty, and students to broaden participation in and deepen commitment toward interfaith cooperation
  • IFYC is comprehensive:  We draw on an extensive toolkit to help campuses achieve and measure results  

Learn more about how we help our campus partners succeed here on the website and start the conversation about working with our team today.