Interfaith Passport Assignment
A resource for interfaith-based experiential learning
Interfaith Hope Meditation / (In)Justice Watch Assignment
A resource for reflecting on interfaith interactions
Faith in Dialogue: Interfaith Leadership Syllabus
This syllabus explores central concepts of interfaith leadership
Being Responsibly Engaged in the World (B.R.E.W.) Interview Assignment
A resource for interviewing religiously diverse neighbors
Biblical Interpretation in a World of Religious Diversity Syllabus
This syllabus explores the Bible amidst and religious diversity
World Religions Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)
Interfaith topics studied within a World Religions course
Spiritual Autobiography Assignment
A resource for interfaith-based storytelling
Introduction to Christianity Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)
Interfaith topics studied within an introductory religion course
Interfaith Site Visit and Book Read Assignment
Provide interfaith interactions through site visits
Jesus Christ and Interreligious Dialogue Syllabus
This syllabus studies Jesus in the context of other traditions
Interfaith Service Learning Assignment
A resource for interfaith-based community service
Interfaith Case Study Evaluation Assignment
Case study methodology used to explore interfaith topics
Sons and Daughters of Abraham, Hagar, and Sarah Syllabus
Interfaith themes in a course about the Abrahamic traditions
Reel-World Religions Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)
Explore interfaith interaction through the medium of film
Interfaith Studies Syllabus
This course focuses directly on interfaith knowledge and skills
Spiritual Autobiography Assignments and Projects
A resource for crafting spiritual autobiographies
Spiritual Autobiographies Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)
Study the stories of religiously diverse leaders and thinkers
Theologies of Community Syllabus
This course considers religious community in a diverse world
Health, Healing, and Religion Syllabus
Explore the intersection of health, medicine, and religion
Deliberative Discourse Classroom Activity
Classroom activity for productive interfaith discourse
Park 51 Role Playing Activity
Create interfaith encounter through real-life events
Religion, Secularism, and Modernity Syllabus
A course that focuses on religious-secular conflict and cooperation
Religious Pluralism in Iowa Syllabus
A course that explores local religious diversity
Islam and Other Religions Syllabus
A course that focuses on encounter with the Muslim community
World Religions and Religious Ethnographies Syllabus
A study of world religious though the practice of ethnography
Interfaith Engagement and Religious Pluralism Syllabus
Religious pluralism explored though diverse assignments and a travel seminar
Religious Ethnography Project Assignment
An encounter of religious diversity through ethnography
Religions of Asia Syllabus (with Interfaith Themes)
A course that studies ethical encounters between Asian religious communities
Careful Conversation Fieldwork Assignment
A tool for productive discussions with religiously diverse peers
International Business, Culture, and Sustainability: Focus on India
A travel seminar that explores culture, religion, and business
Christians and Muslims: Conflict vs. Dialogue Syllabus
A pluralistic focus on Christian-Muslim relations
Religion in a Global Context Syllabus
A world religions course that prioritizes religious experience and encounter
Pluralism in the Real World: Project Assignment
An interview assignment that focuses on religious diversity
Site Visit Guidelines to Places of Worship
Guidelines for attending a religious service or site
Literature of Faith: Christianity and Islam Syllabus
A Muslim-Christian relations course that emphasizes literature and dialogue
Religious Culture Assignment
Guidelines for a site visit assignment and response paper
Religions of the World II: The Newer Religious Traditions Syllabus
A pluralistic approach to studying relatively new traditions in the U.S.
Religion and Social Justice Syllabus
A course that considers diverse religious responses to social justice issues
Interfaith Site Visits and Self Analysis Paper: Final Project Assignment
An assignment that involves site visits and a research paper
Developing a Christian Mind: Understanding Islam Syllabus
A syllabus that explores shared theological themes in Christianity and Islam
Spiritual Autobiographies & Deliberative Discourse Syllabus
This course focuses on productive dialogue and spiritual journeys