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Seminars for Faculty

Since 2014, the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Interfaith Youth Core(IFYC) have partnered to offer interdisciplinary faculty development seminars focused on teaching interfaith understanding. The partnership, generously funded by The Henry Luce Foundation, brings together CIC’s network of over 700 independent colleges and universities and their experience running faculty development programs with IFYC’s leadership around interfaith in higher education and the emerging academic field of interfaith and interreligious studies. 

Each seminar has been co-lead by two distinguished scholars, including Catherine Cornille (Boston College), Diana Eck (Harvard University), Eboo Patel (IFYC), and Laurie Patton (Middlebury). Participants bring their own expertise and case studies of engaging interfaith topics in the classroom in order to explore the practical and theoretical implications of this work with their peers. Seminars offer the opportunity to: 

  • Workshop draft syllabi and course activities;
  • Foster strategies for addressing common challenges in teaching interfaith understanding;
  • Build a network of colleagues committed to exploring interfaith topics;
  • Access and contribute to a growing body of texts and resources for teaching interfaith studies;
  • Develop campus-specific plans for future curricular and co-curricular interfaith work;
  • Interact with the religiously diverse communities of Chicago and Boston, where the seminars have taken place. 

175 faculty have participated in the program to date; to learn more about upcoming seminars, visit www.cic.edu/programs/interfaith and watch the video below. 

Resources for Faculty

We are pleased to share a curated library of syllabi, course activities, teaching tactics, and other resources created by alumni of the Teaching Interfaith Understanding Seminars. Many of these resources were created by faculty as a result of their participation in the seminars; others are resources these faculty have used for many years in their teaching. All are posted here with permission from the authors. Browse the library now to find resources to use in your classroom.

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