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Continue Interfaith Work Beyond Campus

IFYC is pleased to support recent graduates with grants of up to $500 and mentoring to bring the interfaith leadership skills they developed during undergrad into the world beyond their campuses. Interfaith Starter Grants are intended to support projects in a variety of contexts such as organizing an event with a local organization, creating a service project, or connecting your passion for interfaith with your current professional field.

Applications for the Alumni Interfaith Starter grants are currently closed. Please contact Brian Anderson, Program Manager, with any questions at brian@ifyc.org.

Examples of Interfaith Projects

Aaron Lerner


As an AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer, Aaron Lerner worked with the local Habitat for Humanity to organize a Women's Faith Build in Fremont, CA. Twenty women from a variety of faith traditions volunteered for a day of building, reflection, and storytelling.

Javaria Haseeb


Javaria recruited a group of former alumni of IFYC and Merrimack College to attend the Conference on Medicine and Religion. They explored ways that interfaith cooperation is relevant in their current profession of healthcare.

Anne-Marie Witchger


Anne-Marie organized an interfaith game night for teens from her church and a local synagogue. The teens shared about the weekly community service work they do (pantry packing) and played board games together.

Shivam Gosai


Shivam facilitated a group on "Faith/Spirituality and Identity," a space for students to dive into their own worldview identity through dialogue. Through the project, Shivam developed skills around curriculum development and facilitating group counseling.