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IDEALS has been featured by numerous mainstream media outlets, and members of the research team regularly blog about their experiences sharing IDEALS data with different audiences.  Below you will find links to the latest news stories and blog posts that are sparking conversations about interfaith diversity in higher education.

IDEALS in the News

Anti-Semitism After Charlottesville
Inside Higher Ed
Matthew J. Mayhew, Benjamin S. Selznick, Kevin Singer, & Alyssa N. Rockenbach
New Study Tracks the Effectiveness of Interfaith Engagement Strategies
Insight Into Diversity
Ginger O'Donnell
Liberal Indoctrination? Not So Much
Inside Higher Ed
Scott Jaschik
Does College Turn People into Liberals?
The Conversation
Matthew J. Mayhew, Alyssa N. Rockenbach, Benjamin S. Selznick, & Jay L. Zagorsky
How College May Actually Limit Students' Exposure to Different Religions
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Bianca Quilantan
Declining Exposure to Religious Diversity
Inside Higher Ed
Jeremy Bauer-Wolf
Your First-Year Student Orientation Needs an Interfaith Component
NASPA Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education
Kevin Singer
Current Research April 2017
Religion Watch
Left Behind? Evangelical Christians and Campus Diversity
David Briggs
Religion in Search of a Place at the Campus Diversity Table
Real Clear Religion
Betsy VanDenBerghe
College Students Say They Care About Interfaith Cooperation — Are School Leaders Listening?
Desert News
Kelsey Dallas
Do College Students Believe in Religious Freedom?
Liz Dwyer
Not Practicing What They Preach?
Inside Higher Ed
Jake New
Study Reveals Disconnect Between Students' Expectations, Attitudes on Religious Diversity
Alexandra Vollman
Alexandra Vollman
Want to Change Perceptions of Muslims? Support Students of All Beliefs
The Conversation and Huffington Post
Matthew J. Mayhew
Incoming NC State Freshmen Participate in Nationwide Study of Religious Views
The News & Observer
Rose Rimler
Study to Track Students' Changing Attitudes About Faith and Diversity
Insight Into Diversity
Alexandra Vollman
Major New Survey Effort Will Measure Higher Education's Effect on Students' Diversity Views
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
Long-term Survey to Follow College Students' Experiences with Faith, Diversity
Alyssa Rockenbach
N.C. State Research Will Track How Students' Worldviews Change
Triangle Business Journal
Jason deBruyn
Led By Matthew Mayhew, Longitudinal Survey Will Look at Students' Attitudes on Faith and Diversity
NYU At a Glance
Interfaith Interaction (or Lack Thereof)
Inside Higher Ed
Jake New
NetVue Conference Renews the Theological Exploration of Vocation, Builds Momentum across Diverse Campuses
The Council of Independent Colleges Independent