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The Interfaith Leadership Institute (ILI) is the largest gathering of students and educators with a commitment to American religious pluralism. Over the course of three days, participants learn skills to help them bridge divides, develop plans to take back to their campuses, and meet peers from around the country, forging friendships across lines of religious and worldview differences. See below for what happened at the 2019 ILI.

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What Happened at the 2019 ILI

Keynote Speech: IFYC Founder & President, Eboo Patel

IFYC Founder & President addresses the 2019 ILI sharing the hope he feels from seeing some many young leaders and educators ready to make interfaith cooperation a norm on their campuses.

Engaging Religious Difference in Divided Times Panel Conversation

During Friday's panel, Eboo Patel moderated a conversation between Alia Bilal, Director of Community Relations at IMAN, Emma Green, Staff Writer at the Atlantic, and Montse Alvarado, VP and Executive Director at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. The panel spoke about their professional and personal experiences of engaging religious diversity in America.

Faces of Interfaith Leadership: An Unexpected Friendship

IFYC alum and current staff person, Hannah Minks, talks with friend and fellow IFYC alum, Usra Ghazi about how they grapple with their different faith and political worldviews.

Faces of Interfaith Leadership: Let Evangelicals Surprise You

IFYC alumnus, Kevin Singer shares his experiences of interfaith work as an Evangelical Christian, his excitement at seeing fellow, young Evangelical leaders continuing this work and hope that people will allow themselves to be surprised by their Evangelical peers.

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