The Campus Interfaith Inventory is an institutional tool that tracks interfaith efforts across all areas of campus life, using the Leadership Practices for Interfaith Excellence as a guiding framework. For each leadership practice, the Inventory asks a number of specific questions about the institution’s programs and practices.

Since its 2016 launch, over 360 U.S. colleges and universities have partnered with IFYC to break ground on the Campus Interfaith Inventory. This first-of-its-kind tool enables campuses to capture how they are addressing issues of religious and worldview diversity, and contributes to a national picture of worldview identity, diversity, and engagement across Higher Education.

Explore this snapshot of interfaith cooperation in Higher Education, as well as field-wide benchmarks and campus success stories by downloading the following inventory reports: the 2017 report, "A Snapshot of Promising Practices at U.S. Colleges and Universities," and the 2018 report, "Innovative Campus Practices in the First Year Experience." These insights help every institution understand the landscape of campus religious diversity work and set the agenda for effective interfaith engagement.

To share vital information, get your campus recognized, and unlock exclusive new opportunities this year, participate in the Campus Interfaith Inventory by June 30th.   

Any knowledgeable campus official can represent their institution, and we’ve designed it to be simple and straightforward, with a minimum investment of time.

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In addition to contributing to important field-wide benchmarks and pinpointing promising practices, taking part in the Inventory offers new and unique benefits.

  • It’s a powerful planning tool: The Inventory captures key insights, and doubles as a framework for planning and analyzing your religious diversity efforts. The questions it explores have served as a useful guide to help participants consider new ideas and identify growth areas. 86% of past participants agree or strongly agree that the Leadership Practices, which the Inventory is built on, “are a useful framework for my institution in thinking about advancing interfaith excellence on campus”. You will receive an individualized campus report, summarizing how your institution’s interfaith and religious diversity efforts compare to peer institutions as well as national benchmarks across U.S. higher education.  
  • Get your campus listed: Participating institutions will be added to the national list of campuses that are demonstrating a commitment to supporting students’ diverse identities and creating inclusive climates for those of different faiths and worldviews. Receive recognition from peers, as well as prospective students and their families searching for institutions that prioritize religious diversity and welcoming campus climates.
  • Unlock exclusive opportunities: Contributing to the Inventory gives you access to special resources from IFYC. All participating campuses will be offered free coaching from IFYC staff to help strategize effective interfaith initiatives based on Inventory findings. Participation also makes your campus eligible to apply for a Campus Innovation Grant – a $4,000 grant designed to support your institution’s sustainable interfaith cooperation efforts amidst national political, cultural, and religious division.

Explore the resources below and check out our frequently asked questions page for more information. If you’re ready to get started, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch, or address questions to Becca Hartman-Pickerill at

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Download the Inventory as a PDF to peruse it in its entirety. Colleagues can then share responses with the point person who will complete the Inventory.

Download the 2018 National Inventory Report

The year two report is a narrative report which follows one fictional student through her first year of college.

Download the 2017 National Inventory Report

The Campus Interfaith Inventory is a groundbreaking project that highlights how campuses engage in religious and worldview diversity work and identifies promising practices and emerging priorities at institutions that drive these efforts.

Sample Individualized Campus Inventory Report

Each campus that completes the Inventory will receive a report showing their responses to peer and national data from the same year. Use this report to benchmark your campus and set goals for the coming year.