Take the Campus Interfaith Inventory

Set the Benchmarks for Interfaith Cooperation in Higher Ed

Interfaith Youth Core invites you to partner with us on a groundbreaking new project to pinpoint some of the best practices in campus religious diversity work and benchmark the institutions that drive these efforts.

Between March 10-June 30, 2017, we are conducting the Campus Interfaith Inventory, a close examination of what colleges and universities are doing to address various issues of religious diversity, inclusion and leadership development on campus. National benchmarks and best practices don't exist on the national scale and we need you to help establish these.

There are four primary reasons why institutions take part in the Campus Interfaith Inventory:

  • Benchmark your campus: this field-wide research will help you and others learn where your efforts stack up compared to the national picture. After the Inventory is complete, IFYC will share a full summary report of findings with all participating institutions and beyond. This can be used to benchmark your campus against others and spark conversations about continued investment in this work.
  • Get your campus listed: participating institutions will be added to the first-ever national listing of campuses that are committed to making interfaith cooperation a part of the college experience.
  • Share and network: no matter where you are on your journey, describing your and your institution’s work helps to crystallize best practices and isolate effective strategies and tactics across campus roles and institution types. Based on what you share in the Inventory, we will give you the option to connect to peers addressing similar issues on other campuses based on factors like role, institution type, and region.
  • Access funding & other resources: in addition to helping you reflect on where your campus is, and where to go next, completing the Inventory will unlock new opportunities and support. Campuses that complete the Inventory before April 30 will be invited to apply for a $4,000-$5,000 Campus Innovation Grant to support excellence in their interfaith work. All participating campuses will be offered free coaching from IFYC staff to help strategize next steps based on the inventory data.

The Inventory is built upon the Leadership Practices for Interfaith Excellence (Liberal Education, 2015). It is completed online and you can save responses and return to complete it at your convenience. Take 20-30 minutes to complete the tool yourself, or collaborate with colleagues and take as much time as you need. After the administration of the Campus Interfaith Inventory closes, IFYC will be in touch share the national results and what they might mean for your institution.”

Are you a knowledgeable campus official who wants to represent your college/university and complete the Campus Interfaith Inventory? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch, or address questions to Rebecca Russo, Director of Campus Stewardship, at rebecca@ifyc.org.