Equip your community to build the movement.

Learn more about the grant and how to apply.

IFYC's Interfaith Leadership Lab is an initiative to empower interfaith leaders at the local level. We are offering grants ranging from $3,000-$6,000 for campuses who wish to gather students and educators from multiple campuses for training and networking. These regional gatherings are an opportunity to create a core of young leaders in your region and inspire ongoing interfaith initiatives on multiple campuses.

This year, in partnership with the Fetzer Institute, IFYC is pleased to offer additional funding for regional gatherings that focus on healing the heart of American democracy. In a time of divisive political and cultural rhetoric, our nation is in need of interfaith leaders who will move us toward a vision of interfaith cooperation that helps achieve a flourishing democracy. All campuses are invited to propose ways they will develop gatherings with the focus of creating or enhancing dialogue across diverse communities to heal cultural divides particularly those that have been wrought by recent and escalating tension. (See our Grant Expectations page for more information.)

IFYC will work in close partnership with fully granted campuses throughout the months leading up to your regional gathering. This support can take shape in the following ways:

  • IFYC will consult with the planning committee/organizers on conference best practices, learning outcomes, content strategy, and assessment.
  • IFYC will provide basic marketing templates and images to help in the promotion and recruitment of your regional gathering.
  • IFYC will provide staff to lead key programmatic elements, whether that is a training workshop or plenary talk.
  • Our Grant Expectations page provides more details here.

Proposals for the 2017-18 academic year were due by April 26th, 2017. If you have questions, please reach out to Brian Anderson, Student Leadership Manager, at brian@ifyc.org. Questions about grants or the application process are welcome, but don’t forget to check out our Grant Expectations page.

In addition to Interfaith Leadership Lab Grants, IFYC is offering 5 Campus Innovation Grant opportunities to support campuses as they advance one or more of IFYC’s Leadership Practices for Interfaith Excellence on their campus. The Campus Innovation Grant application deadline was May 15.