Take the Campus Interfaith Leaders Survey

Help IFYC Support Your Valuable Interfaith Work

IFYC is thinking about ways we can better support the people who are positively engaging religious diversity on campus and how we can shine a light on some of the most promising practices from the field. Our first step is listening to you to learn from your experiences. 

We’re asking you to share your insights by completing a 20 minute survey about your interfaith work and leadership on campus.

The survey is designed to help us better understand who you are as a member of IFYC’s network, how well we’ve resourced and supported you, and where you’ve achieved the most impact and success. What we learn from you will inform our strategies and tactics going forward and directly result in new projects and resources that we launch in the coming year. Your experience matters, especially in a time when the future of religious pluralism feels so uncertain.

What we do is only as good as the input we get from you. Leaders like you are the ones facing key challenges on campus during a difficult time in America’s history. We need to hear from you. 

Need more reasons to speak up and complete the survey?

  • Your time means a lot to us. When you complete the survey, you'll be entered to win one of 25 Amazon gift certificates for $50 each.
  • It's short! The survey takes 20 minutes or less to complete and you can return to it multiple times if you want to break it up. You can even do it from your phone or tablet.

Additionally, we plan to share our findings with the field so you can use the research to understand the broader context of interfaith leadership in higher education and make the case for the importance of this work.  To make these findings matter nationally, your input is essential.

Help us serve you better. Complete the survey today and help us create a stonger campus interfaith network in 2017. Thank you!