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Because Higher Education is Shaping the 21st Century

IFYC is working to make interfaith cooperation the norm in America. This starts in colleges and universities, where the minds and values of emerging leaders are shaped and conversations take place that steer broad cultural change. Time and again in American history, campuses have incubated transformative social movements and modeled a better civil society. That’s powerful.

A less divided and more pluralistic future will have new leaders at its core. When they leave college equipped with the vision, knowledge, and skills to positively engage difference, our religiously diverse democracy can and will flourish.

So, IFYC works with leaders across the campus environment — faculty, staff, administrators, and students. We offer the tools, guidance, opportunities, and networks needed to bring interfaith engagement into their campuses, classrooms, research, and lives. Learn more about our mission, history, and team here.

Our Strategy

College is where students and educators explore the complex ideas that will shape our country’s future. Our programs are designed to connect them to the knowledge and skills they need to lead on campus and beyond.

Religious and worldview identity is one of the most complicated facets of American life, and engaging this diversity isn’t easy. It leads to uncomfortable conversation and difficult situations - that’s why it’s so important. It’s hard work, and doing it well takes energy. IFYC’s programs and partnerships help to sustain that energy in the following ways:

  • We maintain a knowledgebase of information to help students and educators explore the worldview diversity around them and better understand the role of interfaith cooperation in modern society. This includes higher education research, scholarly discourse, online learning, and an ever-growing collection of best practices and effective tactics gathered from campuses across the country.
  • We offer ongoing training and learning, on the ground and online, to help equip interfaith leaders with the skills and knowledge required to address issues of worldview diversity and advance interfaith cooperation on campus. For institutions seeking to make interfaith cooperation a priority, we offer close partnerships and consultation to build their capacity, including a variety of specialized trainings for students and educators.
  • Nationally, we’re helping to weave together a network of interfaith leaders and create spaces for students, administrators, faculty, and IFYC Alumni to connect and share ideas. No matter your role on campus, you can connect to a community of peers who share a vision for religious pluralism.
  • We provide resources and direct support to energize campus. We make and curate guides, case studies, and other valuable content to inform and inspire and your work. Additionally, we offer grants and other funding opportunities to help interfaith leaders turn good ideas into action. Most importantly, we offer direct, one-on-one support from IFYC staff, who can help you navigate issues of worldview diversity on campus and connect you to smart peers and valuable opportunities to enhance your interfaith initiatives.

Keep exploring to learn more about how IFYC’s programs, partnerships, and people can help you advance interfaith cooperation on campus and beyond.


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