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More than ever, it is necessary to ensure interfaith cooperation remains a central and inspiring part of the American story. Since 2016, we have trained thousands of students, young people who go on to positively engage religious diversity in the communities and lives they touch. By making a gift today, you can support them in their efforts of bridging divides and making a difference.

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You can support interfaith leaders with a gift via online donation, check, or grant from a Donor Advised Fund or similar account. Please reach out with any questions: or (312) 376-2764.

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Read the latest news from IFYC and the movement for interfaith cooperation

PBS NewsHour

“If we’re not willing to do the work of citizens with other citizens, you can’t have a healthy, diverse democracy.” Eboo Patel sat down with PBS NewsHour to discuss IFYC’s 2018 ILI, how students and educators are bridging divides across lines of diversity, and to discuss his new book Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise

New York Times

“How do you have a healthy religiously diverse democracy? I think the answer is that we have to recognize that people can disagree on some fundamental or ultimate concerns, and work together on others. An interfaith leader creates the spaces, curates the conversations and forms the activities for these kinds of relationships to emerge.”

Publisher's Weekly

“Readers will be rewarded with Patel’s rich perspective on religious diversity in America as he champions the strength of its civic identity and the possibility of religious pluralism in the years to come.”