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Who Belongs? Student Groups and Belief Requirements

October 24, 2019, 12pm (CST)
best for: Campus professionals, faculty, and students

Recently, universities have struggled with faith/belief requirements for membership and leadership positions in student groups. How do campuses balance student groups that are open for all with the need of religious groups to have leaders that reflect their core beliefs? Join us to discuss these questions with experts in the field.

The Power of Interworldview Friendships

November 6, 12pm (CST)
Best For: Campus Professionals, Faculty, Students

Too often we underestimate the ways that friends and social networks can influence how we understand the world. A new report from the Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS) reveals how interworldview friendships influence students’ learning and development in the first year of college.

Doing Diversity Differently – Paradigms for Engaging Religious Diversity

November 19, 12pm (CST)
Best For: Campus professionals, faculty, and students

Diversity has been a priority in higher education for decades. What does it mean to engage that diversity? This webinar looks at different approaches to diversity in higher education and how IFYC’s focus on pluralism compares to other diversity-related engagement.

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Online Communities

IFYC is offering three online learning communities for specific sets of universities: public universities, historically black colleges and universities, and Christ-centered colleges and universities. Each group will gather like-minded peers to share ideas, connect with IFYC staff, and discuss best practices for interfaith work in their common sector.

Introduction to Interfaith Leadership

We partnered with Dominican University to build an eight-lesson curriculum exploring the fundamentals of Interfaith Leadership through generous funding from the Henry Luce Foundation. The world today requires interfaith leaders. This course offers a comprehensive and academically rigorous examination of the concept.

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