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IFYC defines interfaith leaders as people who have the vision, knowledge, skill set, and qualities necessary to create the spaces, organize the social processes and craft the conversations such that people, who orient around religion differently can have a common life together and in so doing, build pluralism. We are looking for campus partners to help us develop these leaders.

Our application window for 2018-2019 is closed. Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will go live in late spring. Please contact Brian Anderson, brian@ifyc.org, or read below to learn more about our process and what we look for in applicants.

Grant Requirements

To submit a successful application, we recommend that you follow these steps:

Step One: Identify Regional Campus Partners

  • Applicants must show that a minimum of 3 campuses are involved in the planning and execution of the regional gathering. At least 2 letters of support from partner institutions are required in the application.

Step Two: Identify Key Stakeholders

  • While senior leadership is important for support, it is essential that you have students and educators invested for the execution of logistics and recruitment as well.
  • We’re looking for campuses that have identified who has the skills to see a day long project to fruition. In other words, finding the right stakeholders is essential.
  • Past successful funding recipients have had a mix of faculty, staff, and students from all involved campuses who coordinate logistics, recruitment, and programmatic elements. The host campus will do more of the logistics work, but to bring together a large group of students and educators for your training, everyone must play a part in the recruitment.

Step Three: Gather for Initial Brainstorm

  • Past successful organizers began with a strategic planning session. To encourage these planning sessions prior to applying for funding, IFYC can provide resources to support you. Contact Brian Anderson (brian@ifyc.org) to help you plan a brainstorming meeting to decide on dates and locations, learning objectives, and program design. Use this strategic planning worksheet to assist you in this meeting.

Step Four: Turn in Application

Additional Considerations

  • Regional Gatherings should be student-focused, but that does not mean they need to be student-only. Having a combination of trainings for students and educators will help to build the capacity and momentum necessary to see successful, sustainable interfaith cooperation on your campus.
  • Format: Gatherings must be between 1-3 days in length. We have seen successful gatherings take place during the school week and over the course of an entire weekend, too. Keep in mind that if a gathering is multiple days, this can increase costs for some participants who may need to find overnight accommodations. Successful gatherings have incorporated a variety of training spaces as well. Keynotes, workshops, and breaks for personal reflection are important to allow for various styles of learning to be accomplished.
  • Partnering with IFYC means that you have access to our trained staff and training curriculum that we’ve fine-tuned over the years. This partnership can manifest in three different ways.
    • Consultation: After five years of organizing the Interfaith Leadership Institute, IFYC has gained a thorough knowledge of training best practices, learning outcomes, content strategy, and assessment for interfaith conferences. We hope to share this knowledge and experience so that organizers can apply it in their own unique contexts. Additionally, we will work closely on programmatic elements to provide an external perspective and key insights into achieving the outcomes of interfaith leadership development.
    • On-site Training Workshops: IFYC is prepared to send trainers to lead relevant programming. This may vary depending on the gathering or conference but will most likely take the shape of training sessions or plenary talks. This will be at no cost to the grantees. For a list of training workshops, please contact Brian Anderson, brian@ifyc.org.
    • Recruitment Assistance: For any conference or gathering, recruitment is a component that is boosted by connection to larger networks. IFYC will support grantees by sharing information about the proposed conference or gathering with our network. As a condition of funding, grantees are expected to share the contact information* of participants, with consent, to help grow the interfaith movement. IFYC will follow-up with participants for possible involvement in the national Interfaith Leadership Institutes or other initiatives and will not share this information with other persons or organizations.
    • You can see examples and ideas of training formats and schedules to give you ideas for how to structure your gathering.

After a lab gathering is held, hosts are required to supply IFYC with the following information:

  1. A full roster of those who attended the conference along with certain demographic information (Name, Status, Religious/Worldview Identity, Campus Affiliation, Email)
  2. The results of any evaluation surveys used to assess participant learning. Sample templates and questions can be made available.