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Public Higher Education and the Pursuit of Civic Religious Pluralism: A Report on Promising Practices

U.S. higher education is a laboratory and launching pad for today’s students to become tomorrow’s neighbors, leaders, and professionals. Public universities exist to educate the nation’s citizenry for the public good, yet have long siloed religious, spiritual and secular identity and diversity to the private sphere. In a globalized economy, ignoring religion leaves the U.S. workforce ill equipped. 
In a nation whose Constitution holds religion in special regard, whose civic fabric is woven, in part, by communities of faith, and whose public institutions (e.g. hospitals, universities, social service agencies) have historic and ongoing ties to religious communities, civic religious pluralism must be part of public university education. 
This report addresses the particular challenges that public universities navigate in addressing this important priority. In addition to surfacing promising practices and guidance, the report offers case studies and snapshots of public institutions successfully prioritizing this work.