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The religious diversity of the United States can be a source of division or an opportunity for cooperation. Colleges and universities are perfect places to model a society where interfaith cooperation is the norm. However, many campus leaders feel as though they lack the knowledge or skills to successfully engage religious identity and diversity on campus. To support colleges and universities in this important work, IFYC offers a variety of on-campus trainings and workshops, customized to fit the institution’s needs, and designed to build on existing assets. As a partner and facilitator, we empower each campus to broaden and advance their interfaith efforts.

Capacity Building and Training

IFYC primarily offers skill-based trainings and facilitates capacity building sessions for faculty, staff, and/or students. Workshops are designed in consultation with campus leaders and are intended to help stakeholders broaden participation and investment across campus.

Common capacity-building projects include:

For Faculty and/or Staff- “engaging religious diversity on campus” sessions for faculty or student affairs staff aim to activate existing skills around other forms of diversity in favor of engaging religious diversity.  These sessions utilize a case study methodology to support campus leaders as they explore complex issues related to religious identity on campus.  Participants are invited to identify skills needed and deploy such skills within particular scenarios.

For Faculty - “teaching interfaith understanding” sessions help faculty consider religious diversity across the curriculum.  These sessions explore the concept of a field of interfaith studies, present examples of real-life courses successfully achieving interfaith learning outcomes, and explore possibilities for including such work within existing campus courses.

For Students - “fostering an inclusive campus” sessions for paraprofessional staff, such as resident advisors or community assistants, seek to elevate the priority of engaging religious identity for student leaders.  Students are invited to consider how religion is an element of diversity that should be respected and engaged alongside other identity categories on campus.  Students are given basic skills to promote respectful environments for other students of religiously diverse backgrounds.

Mixed Audience - IFYC also facilitates sessions to identify challenges and opportunities related to interfaith cooperation on campus.   IFYC brings best practices and examples from other opportunities to bear in identifying potential action steps for enhancing interfaith cooperation at a given institution.

IFYC has developed its training methodology and content based on twelve years of experience in interfaith cooperation education.  However, we customize our offerings based on the particular needs of each campus partner, identifying the best ways to align IFYC’s expertise with particular campus needs.

Costs & Time

  • Timeline: One- or two-day campus visit; planned 2-6 months in advance
  • Fees: $4,000-$12,000 depending on consultation
  • IFYC Staff: one to two staff

Get Started

To learn more about these opportunities and start a conversation about how IFYC can help your campus cultivate and encourage interfaith engagement, reach out to your IFYC contact person or to Megan Johnson, Campus Strategy Consultant.

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