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Campus Action Fund for Students

Interfaith work isn’t always easy, and we’re here to support you in whatever way we can. Now that includes financial support. We’re piloting a new opportunity for students — the Campus Action Fund.

Beginning in September 2018, undergraduate students can request up to $250 to support a project, event, training, or workshop they’d like to plan on their campus.

What We Fund

Students are at the core of campus interfaith work and a single student can make a major impact on their campus. That impact is what we’re looking to support. Here are a few successful approaches we’ve seen students take.

  • Interfaith 101 workshops: there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what “interfaith” means and why interfaith work is important. Step one in overcoming that is providing students with basic knowledge about interfaith cooperation.
  • Student-led trainings: interfaith skills can be applicable across many areas of campus. Students have led trainings specific to the work of RAs, Student Government officers, Health & Wellness peer mentors, and so on. Wherever students are leading other students, interfaith skills can help.
  • Action issue events: many student groups have chosen a particular action issue, such as homelessness or hunger, and collaborated with other groups for service projects, awareness events, and more. These activities emphasize shared values across worldviews and cooperation to make the world better.
  • Focus groups: to truly affect campus change, first you need to know what change is needed. One easy way to learn that is to hold a focus group about a specific topic, such as talking with RAs about religious accommodations in housing or Orientation Leaders on interfaith training for incoming first years.
  • Religious literacy activities: we’ve seen that appreciation can come from knowledge, so activities that teach students the basics of a particular tradition can have a big impact. This could be a speedfaithing or Talk Better Together event, a site visit to a local religious building, or a collaborative activity with a local religious or intentionally secular community.

These are a few ideas to get you started. If you have an idea that doesn’t quite fit these, that’s okay. We’d love to hear it.

Most requests are around $50 to help pay for food, transportation for off campus activities, supplies such as printing, and so on. Students may request up to $250 if needed. If your request is accepted, then once your activity has happened, you will submit your receipts and send us a short reflection on how the activity went.


Campus Action Fund Request Form


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