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Wanted: Interfaith Leaders to Turn Interfaith Conflict into Trust

“How do you have a healthy religiously diverse democracy? I think the answer is that we have to recognize that people can disagree on some fundamental or ultimate concerns, and work together on others. An interfaith leader creates the spaces, curates the conversations and forms the activities for these kinds of relationships to emerge.”

Colleges Should Be Nurturing Interfaith Leaders

“Generations of young people have arrived on campus carrying ugly biases or large blind spots related to race, gender, and sexuality. The ideas and people they encountered during their time there set them on leadership paths that changed our society for the better."

How to Live Beyond This Election

“In the conversations today, we're not going to focus on what happened yesterday or today or what trended in the last 20 minutes, but on the challenge and promise into which we will all be living as citizens with our political culture and our society….”